Starters   From €6.50 to €19,00


From duck foie gras to escargot de Bourgogne, our chef strives to use the best products to bring you a selection of indulgent starters that are always authentic.

  • Pumkin velouté, hazelnut-infused whipped cream
  • Soft-boiled egg, mushroom fricassee and Parmesan cream sauce
  • Mimosa style boiled egg mayonnaise
  • “JC David” Red Label herring fillets, warm potatoes in oil dressing
  • French onion soup
    Crabmeat, Balzar style avocado tartar
  • Burgundy snails marinated in white Chablis wine
  • Duck Foie Gras, seasonal chutney and brioche bread made by Artisan Baker Moisan
  • Chef’s raised pastry meat pie
  • Salmon trio: potted, raw and partly smoked fillet, cream with herbs and lemon
  • Caesar salad, crisp chicken, Reggiano Parmesan cheese

From €6.50 to €19,00

Net prices, included service. Alcohol is harmful to your health. Consume in moderation.